Volvo ranked #1 among European brands

Volvo S60 Volvo S60

The very influential US magazine Consumer Reports Reliability Study results were released recently. Volvo is ranked #1 among European car brands and finished 10th overall in this year's survey.
This is much thanks to the positive results of the all-new Volvo S60, that get a recommendation to buy.

The redesigned Volvo S60 was above average in its first year.Consumer Report (CR) states:

"The redesigned S60 is vastly improved. Although the T5's five-cylinder engine can sound gruff it provides lively acceleration and respectable fuel economy. The ride is taut and steady and less harsh than previous models. Handling is agile and the car steers well. The top-level T6 trim with all-wheel drive is quick and refined."

"The interior is quiet and nicely laid out, and the front seats are comfortable, although the rear is tight and the trunk is small. Available safety features include City Safety, which can activate the brakes if a collision is imminent, and a pedestrian-detection system that can stop the car. Reliability has been above average."

Other car brands
Volkswagen was able to hold on to 16th place in the ranking; seven of its 11 models scored average or better.

Japanese brands continue to dominate Consumer Reports survey’s upper echelons and took the top nine spots. Of the 97 American models and versions, 62 models (64 percent) rated average or better in CR’s new-car reliability ratings, leaving 35 as below average. European models continue to be a mixture between reliable and not so reliable vehicles. Overall, European vehicles’ reliability is slightly below that of American models.

Facts about Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports Annual Auto Survey Ratings are unrelated to vehicle road-test results, but are a key factor in determining whether or not Consumer Reports recommends a car. CR only recommends models that have performed well in tests conducted at its Auto Test Center in Connecticut, and that have average or better predicted reliability based on its annual survey. In addition, vehicles must perform at least adequately in government or insurance-industry crash and rollover tests, if tested, in order to be Recommended by Consumer Reports.

Full reliability history charts and predicted-reliability ratings on hundreds of 2012 models are available on Consumer Reports home page

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